Menlo Castle – Galway

I like going back to my master files when Adobe updates Camera Raw – this was shot with my Nikon D800 in October 2019 but re-edited by Adobe Camera Raw 13.3 – boring technical stuff but the point is this software update has teased more detail from the original master which I find rather interesting. Technology is changing photography but people want simple and lots of us are returning to film to slow things down and try a different approach. Enjoy


  1. I may be wrong…but I recall reading (or seeing on TV) that this castle ruin only became a ruin in the last century. I think a fire destroyed what was a fine Country House. The Ivy has obviously taken over and that might be for the best 🙂 Love or hate Adobe, you have to hand it to them for the continuous progress they make in updates. A continual learning curve for us..

    1. David – I think you are right there are pictures of it in habitable condition on tinternet – I would of loved to have been across the river or had the drone to work the light better, there isn’t much room to manoeuvre between the castle and the river especially with trees restricting you but very lovely all the same – lots of ruins over there but you need more time to explore angles and it is not fair on ones better half to use a holiday as a recce lol.

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