Blue Hour – Harris

Harris – Fadhail Losgaintir

Well, I must tell you a little story alongside this image. This would be my sleeping spot to watch the sunrise in an otherwise dreich trip to Harris. Parked the car up and settled down – nobody around; it was early February on the outer Isles, so apart from the locals. Who else would be foolish enough to be around? Well, as darkness dropped and I had settled into my sleeping bag, my peace and quiet got a rude awakening. A local lassie parked up next to me left her lights on and music blaring, apparently catching up on the latest social media on her phone. So I’m thinking, give me a break and poke off – but no, she did not, and I was becoming more irritated by the minute. Anyway, I ended up booking a BnB in Stornoway and drove 50 minutes in the pitch black to head back to the north to find my peace and quiet. So the story’s moral is that nothing is guaranteed, even in the Outer Isles in February!


  1. You brought back amazing memories of our travels from Lewis to Barra. My favouite place was Polochar Inn on the Isle of South Ulst. Sigh – would love to travel back…

    1. Hi Rebecca, I have yet to visit the Uist’s, but possibility for work at the end of the month; I get the impression they need a drone as it is quite flat, and an aerial approach offers the best approach.

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