A walk on East Beach

So far, the most sublime day of the year was followed by two incredible evenings of Aurora Borealis – why live anywhere else.

I took a walk on Sunday morning. Along East, past the walkers, past the surfers, and eventually into my own space – because no matter how wonderful the weather is enticing travellers from afar, if you walk about 1/2 a mile down the beach – you find your own space. Do this walk on a weekday, and the space is yours… But if you find it too crowded, just walk the next five miles to Spey Bay.


  1. I have walked the beach at Findhorn in December, sand and pebbles frozen, a calm sea, some branches washed in by the tide, gulls calling (telling me off no doubt for invading their space), blue sky and snow-capped hills on the horizon……. that was a long long time ago, but it still feels like yesterday – I must have 35trani somewhere in the depths, maybe I should dig it out. 🙂

    1. For definite David, that would be interesting to see, I dont spend a huge amount of time at Findhorn simply because we have Lossiemouth on our doorstep also Findhorn can get very busy during the summer whichvI dont enjoy to much. Moreover at Lossiemouth we can walk off the beach straight into the ice-cream shop.

      1. This was back in the late 70’s when I was taking advantage of a few pre meeting moments prior to a meeting with clients at the Findhorn Foundation…. and they provided a very welcome mug of tea… as for the slide, well it may take some finding. In those days 35mm didn’t find their way into my library

      2. Yes it is… I made an error in date. It was actually mid 80s ….it was in another working life. My meetings were with Alan Watson, a very interesting guy and the Founder of Trees for Life who worked out of Findhorn Foundadtion. There is a publishing story about 35mm that relates to this, and may just be of interest. I’ll email you soon I think you may find it interesting.

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