Harvest Gold

This time generate a mixture of feelings here we are hanging on to the last warmth trying to avoid switching on the central heating - outside still lots of sunshine - darker sky's  and each evening brings an earlier sunset - curtains are getting drawing earlier each evening and autumn is well under way. Perhaps we appreciate the days more because they are shorter, in the next couple of weeks I can get some easy sunrises without having to get up too early so there is losts of promise. Here the crop is at it's peak and ready for a golden harvest
This time of year generates a mixture of feelings, here we are hanging on to the last warmth – trying to avoid switching on the central heating – outside still lots of sunshine – darker sky’s and each evening brings an earlier sunset – curtains are getting drawing earlier and autumn is well under way. Perhaps we appreciate the days more because they are shorter, in the next couple of weeks I can get some easy sunrises without having to get up too early so there is lots of promise. Anyway I have rambled on long enough – this post is a crop at it’s peak and ready for a golden harvest – enjoy


      1. It’s not at the moment Scott, promised the wife a new drive and summer house first.

    1. Jo – well you must keep trying the penny will drop so to speak, for me it always the light I see before the the scene. Light in this part of the country can be very interesting

  1. Sorry Scott, didn’t want to start a debate. I just felt such a beautiful image deserved to be enjoyed without the copyright notice but perhaps Rachael is right. Her experience sounds distressing.
    I think I will continue to post without and if a magazine steals an image, it can’t be helped. If I’m made aware that one has, I’ll sue. I just can’t bring myself to do this to my photographs. I have to put my images out there, I don’t feel I can display them on my website for people to look at with a view to buying with a notice like this across them. I can disable right click but this won’t deter the determined thief as there are ways around it. My comment was meant in good faith and hope it was taken as such. I guess we each have to decide either way and live with the consequences. πŸ™‚

    1. Debates are excellent fun and we learn so much by challenging views and opinions. To be honest that is one of the reasons I abandoned Facebook for WordPress to find like minded people to learn from. Unfortunately I cannot respond fully just now but as soon as I can I will

  2. Not only is that a wonderful shot but it’s a scene that is similar to what you would find around my home. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised by that but I am.

    1. cheers Lyle, I think a lot of our seasons are similar Lyle – I know we get less snow down here on the coast but we plenty in the mountains – I have noticed seasons are less defined now.

    1. Ese that is brilliant – have responded to the copyright debate above and I am now off to catch up on everyone’s blog posts my favourite part of the Word Press community.

  3. Haven’t commented for a while although I’ve been enjoying your photographs, Scott. Had to comment on this one. Stunning. Love the contrast between the crop and the angry sky. Trying to capture a harvest picture myself at the moment and finding it quite a challenge.

    1. Brilliant to hear from you Maggie – glad you have been watching from afar – hopefully you have seen some progress in my work – keep watching please

  4. Great image Scott….as you say the season of very mixed feelings and each day very different with all the changes. But autumn for many is one of the great seasons full of colour but just as fickle as any other. But, oh dear you seem to have started a copyright debate…I will not add to it!

    1. Glad you like it David – I am just not out and about as much as I want and in all honesty probably wont be now until I finish work at Christmas, your decision not to get involved the copyright debate made me laugh out loud. I have now responded jointly to both Rachel and Chillbrook

      1. I wish you all the best for the next few months. Ending a career is a traumatic time of mixed emotions, you look forward to new challenges but also feel regret at the loss of that daily contact with colleagues and the camaraderie that goes along with it. Starting anew is often easier than shaking off the old routines! Best wishes

  5. Super. I like the almost graphic, and strangely cryptic, look created by that dark ‘comma’ in the crop. I have to disagree with Chilbrook about the copyright notice. And I speak from bitter experience. I have had images stolen- in fact it happens often. But the incident I always cite is casually opening a glossy magaIne and finding one of my images. The file I had uploaded to Flickr was only 1024×768 but the magazine had still managed to make a quarter page print. If anything I think your copyright symbol is too small (certainly not plastered all over the image) and too easily cropped or cloned away to be useful. I do sympathise with Chillbrook and agree that these protections detract from the images they detect and I blogged about this last year. The overwhelming response in the comments was in favour of copyright marking. Incidentally, while Digimarc and similar are helpful, they would not prevent the use I have just cited. Just because one reputable operation asked permission does not mean that all will do so, or even the majority.

    1. Rachel, rather than repeating myself I have addressed my response to Chillbrook and yourself on Chillbrook’s first post, please have a look. I always appreciate constructive and impartial feedback and thank you for taking the time to comment – most importantly I am glad you enjoyed the image πŸ™‚

  6. Very nice indeed Scott. It’s a lovely picture but totally spoilt for me by your copyright statement. Is that really necessary? How do I get to view the image without it or can I not without buying the print?
    You know you can always use TinEye to check periodically to see if anyone is using your images online (http://www.tineye.com) and at this definition, the picture wouldn’t be that much use if someone wanted to use the image in print.
    I use Digimarc to protect my images but I’m not really sure it’s necessary and will not be renewing my subscription. I’m happy for people to use my pictures for personal use. Why not? I find it flattering, and when a TV production company wanted to use one of my images recently, having done an online search and found the picture in Google images (tagging is so important), they came to me as would the vast majority of commercial concerns. To do otherwise would just be too risky for them.
    I think it’s a real shame that we see so many images on WordPress with these obtrusive copyright statements plastered all over them. I honestly don’t think it’s necessary.

    1. Dear Chillbrook and Rachel, I now have some time to offer you a proper response – I seem to be allowing the day job to get in the way of my photography (but only until Christmas when I retire lol). I started to use the copyright statement on the basis some of my images went walkabout moreover I wanted to start to control my images. I was unaware of the Tineye site but equally I know how easy it is to wipe metadata manually from images. I haven’t had and wont have sufficient time to evaluate all the options until I am looking in to this subject on a full-time basis. As you say I have had company’s approach for use which is very flattering – equally the watermark allows those not so familiar with the protocol to find me too. Certainly I have built up the #skm1963 tag for over 2 years to improve both my SEO and visibility. I have bucket loads of ideas and a reasonable understanding of coding – I think your view and the alternative from Rachel has been excellent to read – I particularly enjoyed David’s comments when he declined to join in the debate – I must admit to laughing out loud. I completely get Rachel’s comment about cropping out copyright watermarks – which is why I use (2) a logo and my copyright name – the logo is often very discreet but can be turned up in clarity terms. The jury is out for me at the moment but until I have time to really think about it this how I intend to go, all in all it was great to hear both of your perspectives. Thanks for some honest opinion and happy blogging to you both.

  7. Wonderful composition. Like how the foreground swathe leads the eye through the wheat field to the buildings, then up the trees to the sky.

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