Somewhere in Moray

Mandy's View
You will note I have changed my blog theme to maximise your opportunity of viewing this 3 image panorama on the biggest scale possible. I hope you enjoy it – it is my first successful attempt at a panoramic and I am pleased with the results


  1. A great subject for the panoramic format. I have been making a lot of panos lately. And I have quickly learned the hard way that foreground interest and panos are not especially good chums. I had read it but as always I had to give it a try.

  2. Good idea to try out a new theme – must be something in the blogosphere as I was inspired to do the same last week. It’s great to see the full page spread effect with your beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you – interestingly I have used this theme in the past for the full page view – however it is not good for allowing back catalogue viewing – which my previous theme fontfolio is very good at. I have eyed up a a pro theme which I will be using for my professional site watch out for that in 2014 😉

    1. David if I gave you a clue all my local competitors would be all over it ha ha – but it was rather special day. What I will say is it is not the Cairngorm’s 🙂

  3. Nice place and nice photo, a very successful result. The scene almost cries out for panoramic views, especially with all the colours on the trees.

    1. Thanks Sonja – it did cry out for a panorama – however I felt that I needed a larger scale to fully appreciate it, which I tried to acheive by coming back to the Andrea Theme, I think I will publish a single frame tighter composed to show what I mean ( a little bit down the line)

  4. It’s lovely! 🙂
    I once took panoramic shots completely by accident. I’ve never managed to do it again since. Signed- a failed photographer.

    1. Lyle cheers – I wanted to get the scale across but simply doesnt work – so a little down the way I will post one of my tighter shots – more detail and colour

  5. You definitely should be pleased, Scott! Beautifully spacious and so…alive.
    PS: The new theme fits really well, if you ask me (not that you did, of course) 🙂

    1. Thanks Ese – hey the theme thing is always a compromise. I like the big images on Andrea but prefer the ability to scroll through copious amounts of back catalogue from Fontfolio – I have my pro site all planned out – it masters both tasks 🙂

    1. Excellent glad you like it Lorna – the theme if you recal was what I was using prior to fontfolio (which is good to allow people to easily scroll through your back a catalogue)

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