Lossiemouth Landscape by iPhone 5S

Lossiemouth Landscape by iPhone 5S


This shot did rather well on Instagram last week so I was interested if it was purely down to the fact that I was viewing it on a small mobile phone screen and wondered if it would survive the greater test of a blogpost.  I exported the image to my computer levelled the horizon and cropped it to the same shape as I posted it on IG and that was it. The colour is pretty good – texture is visible in the sand ripples out to about 25m and the town is about 1.5 miles back down the beach so I wasn’t surprised that it struggled with the shadow detail in the town. All in all, it is a pretty faithful reproduction of a perfect day unfortunately we had the dog so I didn’t have the DSLR to provide a comparison shot, thought’s?

28 thoughts on “Lossiemouth Landscape by iPhone 5S

  1. Looks just fine Scott.
    Have you tried ProCamera for the iPhone? It’s not an editing program it’s a camera you use instead of the phone’s built in one. Works much better in my view.

    1. Phil no I haven’t – I will research it now you have mentioned it though – cheers. Just moved to FX and trying to get my head around a much more capable camera 🙂

    1. Yes it is pretty amazing tbh sometimes it makes a better job of the exposure – the lens just cant cope with detail – much lighter to carry around

  2. It works for me. The 5S camera is so good, I think a decent ‘tog’ can afford to leave the DSLR ‘brick’ at home every now and then. My brother, just a snapper, took a shot of his new house on Sat with a blazing sunset behind it. The 5S rendered a perfect exposure with full detail in the house and the sky, despite the dynamic range being at least 4 stops, at a guess. Makes me feel a little bit foolish with all my ND grads and chunky equipment!

    1. Yes there have been many occasions the exposure is better on the phone just struggles with detail – what we need is a prime 24mm lens bolted on ha ha

  3. That’s awesome! I have a 5C as well and it does take nice photos but it’s the photographer that saw this image that makes it what it is….great!

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