Beinn Alligin from Loch Torridon

what you cant surmise from the photograph is how cold it is :-)
what you cant surmise from the photograph is how cold it is ๐Ÿ™‚


This was very unusual from a weather point of view the sun was almost completely unimpeded by clouds – none of the traditional standing around with the shot set up waiting for the elusive light. The sun shone all day but it was blowing around 25 Kt. and damn cold but when you are rewarded with this quality of view quietย frankly I didn’t care. Normally I am happy with one shot from a trip like this but I am hopeful I may have 4 or 5 – keep watching

35 thoughts on “Beinn Alligin from Loch Torridon

  1. This sounds a little strange but there is a gentle ruggedness about this that a I really like. Maybe it’s down to the slightly soft lighting? Whatever – it’s lovely!

  2. Beautiful shot! Those snow-capped peaks definitely suggest some cold, but I know only too well how a wind can bite. Hope you were bundled up all proper!

  3. Great scene.

    I have to tell you when I opened the Reader, for some reason I knew it was your shot but then I was confused since there was blue sky. Perhaps he has a guest posting on his site? Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

  4. ‘On a clear day you can see forever’ so the saying goes. I think you had one of those days and a great image. Looking forward to seeing the others.

    1. Simon I hope you do but as I have stated in my next post – this was the first occasion that I witnessed weather this good. I think it has something to offer in most weathers – when are you up?

  5. They say there is no such thing in luck……but blessed with a day like that I reckon anyone would say they were lucky even if they didn’t have a camera to capture the scenes. Love the highlights running down the hillside into the Loch. Hope you have warmed up!

    1. As I have said to a few other I had never been out here in such good conditions – but I want to get off the beaten track to get some fresh views – so I will be watching the weather forecast with interest.

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