Postcard from Torridon

a little blue sky thinking for Lyle Krahn - a shocking tale of sunshine in Scotland
a little blue sky thinking for Lyle Krahn – a shocking tale of sunshine in Scotland


Well what can I say – I know it’s a cheesy shot but hey Instagram liked it loads 🙂 so I have high hopes of the WordPress community. I will work hard to catch up with all your blogs over the coming weeks but pace of work is dictating my blogging activity. Anyway this is classic postcard Scotland – I’ll be honest I have never seen Torridon basking in such wicked sunshine. That said although this is a little chocolate box for me I hope that I have conveyed the cold wind in the choppy sea – and more importantly guys the clocks are about to change which means spending lots of time outdoors 🙂


  1. Can I add a P.S. to my comment… you say the clocks go forward in the U.K. this weekend which is good news….but remember you will have to get up increasingly (some times unbearably) early for your dawn shots and of course stay up later for the end of day. Oh, the joys of being a photographer

    1. ha ha ha – now David you should know by now me and mornings dont go together, my sunrises are taken during the cheat months lol – which is why you are seeing so much sunshine shots 🙂

  2. More Cheese gets published than arty. Looking at the comments above I guess others also approve. To me it says Torridon and the red roof just adds that Scottish rural stamp. Camera Clubs don’t pay the bills of ‘jobbing photographers’.

    1. David – I believe we may had similar discussions in the past – I do see that now – when I look on recent sales on Photo4me – people buy what connects with them a place etc and goodness me the red roof gets people talking – the Instagram of this was re-tweeted more than any previous post by some margin.

      1. I did forget to mention that the ‘good travelling photographer always has a tool kit in the car. Gaffer tape, Blue Tac, Bulldog Clips and the like….but always a tin of black paint to paint the roofs of tin huts!

  3. I like chocolate boxes (or, more accurately, what’s inside them). I like this shot, too, I think the choppy waves make it dynamic (and I can well imagine a biting wind).

  4. I like it, especially the extreme red and white against all blues!
    Reminds me of the Dutch flag 😉
    Have a great wekekend, Ron.

  5. Well that had me laughing out loud. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a famous caption before – it’s like basking in … sunlight!

    I can tell this whole sun and blue sky thing is growing on you.

    1. Well I am glad you are laughing Lyle, I was a little concerned you may be jumping on a plane – to adjust my humour. The blue sky bit may well be growing on me but summer is coming and you can kiss blue goodbye

  6. As my mind wanders across the water away to the mountains, the red roof pulls me back to reality. A beautiful one – if I may add! 🙂

  7. Looks a bit bleak, but beautiful. That red roof tends to draw attention for sure. Almost had to force myself to look at the spectacular snow dusted peaks beyond.

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