wonderful light at Inverpolly
wonderful light – Inverpolly

As I work through my back catalogue deciding what can used for stock and what can be added to my portfolio

as well as reviewing and removing substandard work. The process challenges me to review how I have edited

in the past particularly as my knowledge of the software grows. This is an image I don’t think I have published

previously – but I  re cropped loosing a large chunk from the bottom brought the exposure down by 1/2 stop

and reduced the vibrance. The result is for me is a more comfortable and natural image. I hope you agree 🙂


  1. Well, I was just about to say that I must be learning something because now when I look at my photo galleries I delete quite a lot. Then I read the previous comments!

    You know I do very little other than the occasional crop, Scott. I like this image, wherever it started life 🙂

    1. Well that’s great Jo thank you – all I think I am saying is my editing has moved on quiet a bit and shots that previously worked have got new life breathed in to them.

  2. I am going through the America laborious process, largely because back in the day when I used Flickr exclusively and extensively, I could always find an image because the small res files on my photos team, organised into sets and tagged as I went, were a great index to my hard drive. But now I rarely post to Flickr and my internet presences are more disparate, and I can’t find things any more! It is indeed laborious but the upside is, as you say, finding or rediscovering and improving old files. Trouble is I end up spending my time working on them rather than getting on with the cataloging!

    1. Yes it is nigh on impossible not to go off piste and become distracted. Thus far however I am being pretty disciplined – if anything I am too backed up and could do with generating a workflow which auto backs up PSD masters and TIFF Masters.

    1. Yes I bet you have an amazing back catalogue – I read somewhere never delete anything but I am guilty of taking tonnes of shots and in the early days mainly as snaps – so I need to be ruthless – I will happily catalogue your photos Phil – what contractual terms are you offering 😉

    1. I do enjoy coming across overlooked shots – perhaps even more than the obvious stuff – maybe it is the nervous anticipation to see if folk like it or not.

  3. Love the rusty ‘tin’ roof…..I would be very happy with that. I know you have be playing with B&W recently…may be this shot could be a good conversion as an alternative.

  4. Rightly or wrongly, I have never deleted an image unless it’s poorly focussed. Who knows what life future software can breathe into the image.

    1. No neither have I – but I do have a lot of repeat shots which are demanding loads of space so I have decided to archive properly and the job of the moment is cataloguing and tagging – laborious at best 🙂

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