A Bonnie Day

Caledonian Canal Reflection S
Inverness Marina

I got this last week on a photo shoot in Inverness and had to share it – so simple so gorgeous for late November – the circumstances only lasted 10 mins at most – emphasising that you must grab the shot when you see it as light changes very quickly but it also highlights how you need to be ready to grab the opportunities that present themselves. I wont be able to respond to your valued and generous comments just at the moment but I will get around you blogs soon – happy snapping πŸ™‚


    1. I do like wee snaps that have a little more – looking on the RAW file the reflection detail on the isde of the hulls is incredible for a hand held shot.

  1. You have to see it to grab it….. great shot love the light. I also see that Inverness had unseasonal 15c high’s. As my old mum was so fond of saying when things were fine “You will pay for it in the end”

    1. David – the worse that happens in Inverness is fog when the rest of the Firth is clear. November was our late October tbh. I am more concerned at the lack of out and out landscape work I am doing – working hard to complete a website with sales capability before the Spring – that will mean once it is online that I feel my transition is complete and I will get back to the basics of just taking photograph’s.

    1. right time right place – Lyle – as I said previously the detail the camera picks up from a wide angle is frightening. The sun reflecting back on to the boats from the water is clearly in the RAW files – where will it end.

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