Milestone Approaching

A light dusting of colour

Well as we enter the final phase of 2015 I have noticed that a blogging milestone is approaching – I am some 500 views short of 100K viewings of my photographs. I would hope to clear this hurdle around the turn of the year if not before. When I moved across from Facebook a few years back I knew I took a backwards step in interest in my work. Interestingly my stats were at their best when I was publishing my blogs posts on Facebook concurrently (I remember a heady 650 views in one day -which thrilled me to bits). I decided to trim back and focus here on WP and it has proved to be the right call. WordPress is a cracking and knowledgeable community. So much so if I am not posting or responding to comments I get a guilty feeling. Due to my transition from enthused amateur to grafting pro my output has reduced and visitors levels rise and fall according to my activity but my core blogging buddies are always here and that is exactly how I like it. I loved Lyle Krahn (Krahnpix) wrap up of his year of blogging so if I get my act together we may well have a vote over my 2015 efforts but probably it will be 2016 (heck that’s blogging).

The image is a favourite field I pass regularly that changes identity with each day and season here it has a light dusting of snow producing some lovely colour.

PS if you hit the hamburger (next to the search symbol at the top of the page) above my galleries are all active well worth a look.


  1. Wonderful work. I know how you feel about facebook. You’re not alone there. I’m trying not to get on it as often, due to the fact that I met alot of friends with my blog. Facebook seems so addictive. I think leaning towards the blog is 100% the right way to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ *HUGS*

    1. Ha Ha so precise – almost there maybe my voting post will be the one to drag me across the line. Thank you for all the views comments and support you have given me RH ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Always enjoy viewing your outstanding images Scott even if I often fail to comment.
    Backing off of Facebook is *absolutely* the proper move in my view.

    1. Phil, You are are a star blogger in my eyes and far more interactive than I could hope to be. I aint so hot a commenting myself – but I try and do catch up’s as often as I can – one day I will get a chance to come and watch you in action on your turf – many thanks Phil

  3. You are AWESOME! Your photographs always make my day. Congrats on your milestone and all the best for your continued success!

  4. Here’s one more click to your goal! I’m looking forward to getting my vote on your blog – I already know it will be a fantastic shot.

    1. I kept it safe and posted 9 of my favourite shots LK style lol – You may have your vote Sir – Thanks for all times you visit but most importantly inspiring me through the quality of your imagery and like Phil I will definitely track you down on a shoot one day ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. David this comment blew me away – I know the standard on here across all genres’ – I would love to spend far more time blogging than I do as I get a get a genuine kick from it. There are some truly inspirational blogs around – yours always makes me read. I know I can be a silent blogger but I read and view when I can – yours is one of my favourite non photography blogs so in that regard I am grinning from your comment – cheers David

  5. Lovely, Scott. And remember, it’s about quality not quantity. Even though I’m giving a couple extra ‘clicks’ right now. Congrats on the milestone. And Happy Holidays to you and Mandy!

    1. Tahira – my feature blogger what a star – I am so glad you dropped by at precisely this time – I picked up many followers after you projected me to a fresh audience – genuinely grateful over here – Thanks so much.

  6. Hope this visit helps toward your goal! (I might even add a few clicks, or would that be cheating?) Lovely scenic for sure.

    1. Sylvia a 49th Wedding anniversary makes my few images seem so insignificant – you have always been a great fellow blogger and always generous with your comment – so glad you dropped by for my stats fest.

  7. Congratulations on your achievements and fingers crossed you reach your goal, Scott, not that you should find that hard, I would think.

    1. Sonja you are one of the few bloggers who knew me on FB – you have always taken the time to comment in an informed and balanced way – which has helped me develop and think about my images so I am extremely pleased you have dropped by at my little stats fest ๐Ÿ™‚ happy blogging and Merry Christmas to you and your family…

      1. Not sure that I have been as much help as all that, but pleased you think so. Struggling to maintain my internet presence atm as I seem to be up to my neck in things unrelated to art all the time. Never mind, can only get better, will try and keep up, but in the meantime A Merry Christmas to you and yours, too, Scott, may 2016 get even better for you than the last year has been.

      2. I recall one comment regarding a Glen Affric Shot and I couldn’t figure out why it was getting a mediocre response – you said maybe it was due to a lack of focal point. Which of course was on the button. This was a penny drop moment for me.

    1. Lorna what a star – so glad you are around for the cracking wee hurdle – you are the only blogger who makes me hungry – lol – you have always been generous and supportive of my images – particularly when my responses to comments is so inconsistent – so keep blogging keep smiling – Merry Christmas to you and your delightful assistants

    1. Lee almost there thanks for all the support and positive comments you have offered over the period – especially when I am the quietest blogger on planet WordPress

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