After the Rain

CullyKhan Light SPennan Rain

Thank you all for your continuing support despite my tardy blogging – but I thought you would enjoy this wonderful before and after on the Aberdeenshire Coast – I can see this shot at sunrise and also a wild winter storm – keep watching


  1. Must be my Scottish blood that made me choose the same title for my recent posting! Glorious photography as always.

    1. Many thanks – had a mixed bag this summer – not agreat deal of interesting light around – moves between poor and postcard perfect (which is just not my scene)

  2. That is coastal weather….it is surprising that folk don’t seem to recognise that after those days of rain and low cloud that seem to absorb any wind, the sea is more often than not flat calm in a bay or over a loch. It is also the weather that makes the UK so good for photography (even in Scotland! šŸ™‚ )

    1. Yes it is about patience which I haven’t really mastered in all honesty – but I am getting better at just going out and trying something but i definitely get some results when I am out simply to get shots rather than trying to catch something on the way home. When generally you are tired and have domestic responsibilities when you home etc. Looking forward to fully retiring so I can just focus on the shot and forget the rest.

  3. Very different moods of this coastline, would love to see it in a storm (well maybe just after)

  4. In case you haven’t figured it out already, I love that coastal weather. Makes for dramatic shots like these. Well done!

      1. Oddly enough, we have the same saying here, though it mostly substitutes “awhile” for the “5 mins”! šŸ™‚

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