Punching Through – Sutherland

Wild Weather

Very much my kinda shot,  drive and spot something then grab it – I call it chasing light – so the camera is primed and sat on my passenger seat and off we go – you almost always come upon something in the Highlands of Scotland and this was exceptional – moody and lasted for only a brief time – captured for eternity – enjoy


  1. Great moody shot…Yep, its a Highland scene OK…no doubt summer returned as it does! Grab and Go….sounds familiar, but you have to be attuned for the go bit when you press that little button. Just remember how successful you are so often and taking advantage of that moment….remember well when at the next competition you are in the judges say …” you should be a little to the left , the sun should be more to the right/left, etc” and don’t say I am being cynical. Keep Grabbing and Going…….. 🙂

  2. An incredible show of light and a beautiful moody capture, Scott. Yes, it always pays to have the camera ready, but this is special.

  3. Nothing quite like the show the sun and the clouds put on. Wonderful image. Thanks for showing it to us!

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