Bryan Adams (X-T10)

I thought these would be worth sharing to demonstrate the capability of the Fujifilm X-T10 – the photos were taken at about 75m from the stage in challenging day in to night light, plus strong stage lighting. Photographed with a 16mm to 50mm zoom lens at a 1.5 crop so around 75mm (full frame equivalent). I have struggled with the fuji menu system being a Nikon centric photographer – but as my familiarity grew – I am suitably impressed that I intend to upgrade to the XT2 which arrive on these shores this September – can I see myself moving to mirrorless in the future – I expect so but I hope it is with Nikon as I am very comfortable with their menu system.


  1. I’ve been mirrorless for a couple of years now….Olympus OMD-EM1. It’s Micro Four Thirds format, so a smaller sensor than the crop one in the Fuji and the full frame Sony than you’ve discussed above. However I can’t honestly say that I have noticed any deterioration in image quality compared to the Canon 7d DSLR (crop-sensor) that I used to have…….but it’s in a much smaller, lighter package. Olympus also have an ever expanding range of beautiful Pro lenses, again all much smaller, lighter and largely cheaper than the DSLR equivalents. I’ve not regretted moving to mirrorless, it suits my largely hand-held travel-orientated style of photography.

    1. Yes the smaller footprint cameras produce some great quality stuff and the lens which are all designed for the digital era are top notch although the Fuji lens are very expensive. I dont really want to be running any more than one system especially having invested in full frame lenses but I fully expect Nikon to move to mirrorless soon I cant see why you would keep putting a shutter on kit that does not require it. I know when I am lugging around all my gear in my Tamrac Bag – it weighs a tonne!

  2. There is an awful lot to be said for going mirrorless. I use my Sony A7R equally as much as my D800e now. The Sony gives me a lot more freedom. I can handhold it at quite slow shutter speeds for one thing unlike the rather heavy D800 and the quality, although not quite up to the Nikon standard, would not be noticeable to anyone but me when I’m processing. I’ve adapted to the Sony menus, not so far removed from the Nikon model. All in all, I’m really glad I added this camera to my kit as you clearly are with your X-T10.
    Great pictures Scott. I have no doubt you enjoyed the gig!

    1. The Gig was fantastic apart from the very strong wind shutting the bars – I like the size of the X-T10 (quiet a bit smaller than the T1) dont like the menu or more likely cant settle with it. The new T2 looks a fantastic spec and may hire that with a view to trading in the T10. It is sharper than my D750 and D800 although the processor on the Nikon is so much better in complex light the tilt screen and low light capability of the D750 is superb and the D810 seems to have really sharped up it’s images ( I tried a friends out for an afternoon) but the Nikon is super for siting on the passenger seat of th car when I want convenience or something like the concert where I am after good quality over top notch.

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