Craigton Castle


Another wee hidden gem this is available for let – so you can stay I believe they do weddings etc. It was only a few miles from a house I was shooting. I was aware of the Castle through photo searches but not sure of it’s location. Seen a discreet sign and got nosey – this is the result sumptuous winter light spilling all over the Castle enjoy.


  1. Love the light….cannot beat bare trees to enhance the winter sunshine. Not to sure I would want to rent the property….not even if I won the lotto big time! But there is no chance of that πŸ™‚

    1. No, I agree David it is not the most attractive of locations – I might have a nose around inside once the season starts proper – I am sure they need some decent marketing images lol

    1. Winter light is so helpful David slightly under expose to ensure we have all the detail and balance off in post processing – but that is 2 wee gems I have come across unexpectedly in the most glorious winters light – waiting for my hat-trick πŸ™‚

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