Harris – Finally

Traigh Scarista

Well we finally made it across to the Outer Hebrides and boy was it worth it – arguably the finest part of Scotland I have had the privilege to visit. I hope you enjoy this and once I have edited the remaining 700 images lol – there are some great beaches in the pipeline…


    1. Brilliant thank you, Sylvia – my step-son was in Orlando over the period of Irma, in fact, it delayed him getting back so I was following closely – glad to see you and your family are well…

  1. That’s a gorgeous photograph Scott. Did you have to wait long? It looks like a picture that would have taken a bit of patience for all the elements to come together. We occasionally get lucky of course but not as often as I’d like! 🙂

    1. Many thanks Adrian – the wind was fresh which meant the sky was constantly evolving – I did consider a longish exposure but liked the mix of calm to ruffled water – we were fortunate to have some good light on our travels and temperatures at 18+ daily

  2. Very nice, Scott, and congratulations on fulfilling that ambition. It’s many years since I visited the Outer Hebrides, but I remember Harris for its midges (as well as its otherworldly beauty). I look forward to more of your shots, especially the long white sandy beaches, which I’m sure you’ve snapped magnificently.

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