St Conan’s Kirk in Depth

I promised back in May to offer a fuller insight to St Conan’s Kirk, which as I alluded to was the most amazing building to photograph. It is in desperate need of care and attention due to water ingress – I do feel it needs national support as those are doing a great job but I sense they could do with some serious support. Eventually, perhaps a charge for entry could help keep deterioration at bay. Exterior shots are hard to achieve due to the proximity of the Loch but it is a perfect double visit were you to team it up with Kilchurn Castle – a stone’s throw away… Please visit if you get the chance and don’t forget to leave a donation for the conservation team as you will see they need the help!

The previous post is here


  1. What an amazing piece of art this church is and your images certainly do it justice. I imagine that #7 had to be especially tricky with the light from the window behind the crypt.

  2. What a magnificent place, and your photos are superb. I’d love to see it for myself one day (and after reading your post I’ll be sure to take something for the donations box).

    1. I came across it on the web and couldnt wait to see it first hand – you really must and allow plenty of time. I will be returning in winter to reshoot when it is quieter – I have a few ideas since editing the set I took.

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