Seilabost and Luskentyre

Seilabost and Luskentyre

As I said this was a trip I had badly wanted to make for years and it didn’t disappoint – this is the classic from the roadside shot which I had seen taken by my father a decade previously. That said to get the same view in such gorgeous mottled light was beyond expectations – the depth and range of tones was enough to make me press the shutter over 750 times – enjoy!


  1. So beautiful Scott. I think Scotland has some of the finest beaches in the world and I’m in Fuerteventura right now. Needless to say, the climate here is much more conducive to taking a dip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Utterly breathtaking indeed! That luscious green water is so clean and clear! I’d have to say ‘lovely’ 750 times.

  3. Only 750 times…why did you stop short of a thousand? Ha! Absolutely breathtaking photograph. Even the shadows from the clouds lend a certain element to the rugged landscape. Well done.

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