Findhorn Departure

Findhorn Departure

Well as we approach the end of the year the sun is setting across the Findhorn Estuary – I hope you had a wonderful time with your family over Christmas and that 2019 offers you hope and opportunity to progress in your lives. A happy Hogmanay when it comes. See you in 2019!


  1. Another winner….. Love Findhorn.. and there we have it another year gone at the speed of light, at least we have lots of good memories, many of which you have shared on WP 🙂

    1. Lacking a focal point but offered the right image for my message – it would be great to meet on the Firth this Year a highlight to look forward too. A healthy peaceful 2019 to you…

  2. A very happy New Year to both you and Mandy when it comes, Scott. Hope you have a great year ahead. Loving your blog. Some of your photos are really good, keep it up.

  3. Nice way to finish out the year! But you’ll have to explain ‘Hogmanay’? 🤔
    Wishing y’all the best year ever! 🎉

    1. Hogmanay is “old Scots” for the “Bells” in modern money “New Years Eve” you spend time with neigbours and friends and you give gifts of fuel or food (lump of coal for warmth, tin of food for sustanance) and of course sharing a dram of Whisky – to toast “out with the auld and in with the New”

      In the words of Robert Burns “for Auld lang Syne” meaning for old times sake.


  4. Thank you for sharing your photography over the past year. Looking forward to tagging along on your and Mandy’s 2019 adventures. Happy New Year!

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