2018 Instagram Review


So last year concluded with a sunset and my first post last year was a sunrise – but this first blog of 2019 is a review of my Instagram account covering the last 12 months. Some of the images you may have seen before, but seeing them together offers a different take. I am sure you will admit it is an eclectic set.

I set out last year to try a wider subject matter. I managed several aerial shots which I have been very happy with, worked on my travel photography skills and tinkered with street photography. Although my street photography is not in its most genuine guise as I post crop edit. This coming year you may well see some lomography as I have collecting antique film camera’s. Almost certainly you will see some long exposure attempts in the fine art style. So hang on to my shirt tails and lets go on a blogging journey. Feedback and comments most welcome.

2019 will be a creative year – enjoy


  1. Kind of hard to beat that first image mate – we visited Callenish in 2017…..didn’t see it like that though. We have however booked to go to Finland for Christmas 2019 – dog-sledding, Reindeer, ice fishing, snowmobiles, a guaranteed white Christmas and hopefully the Northern Lights.

  2. Eclectic I would go for over pure specialisation. Not a bad year weather wise and you have made the most of it with some great images. Love the drone shots, you have picked the perfect locations for those. As for cropping….what on earth is wrong with that. Some inspiration for choice of locations over the year ahead for me.. Cheers (and if I have missed the odd word out – sorry) 🙂

  3. Maybe proof reading what you have put down would be a good idea Scott, it’s very easy to miss out an important word in a sentence, which then tends to make all your hard work (which I enjoy by the way)look as though it has been done slap dash.

  4. After reading ‘Instagram’ in your title, I searched your account and I found it. There you have even more photographs than here.

  5. That Aurora shot is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Utterly beautiful. Though Loch Fleet Winter Light is breathtaking with that luscious light as well! Great selection here. Very much looking forward to your new ventures.

  6. I must have missed some of these over the year. Great eclectic group and to have been at Callanish with an aurora! How special! Stunning image. All the best for wonderful, exciting and creative year in 2019, Scott.

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