Abandoned Tank Farm


Well I stumbled upon this historical abandoned Tank Farm by mistake we were staying in the area for a few days and searched out interesting locations to explore. The Tank Farm was a First and Second World War Naval Fuel Storage site, apparently it has another underground storage tank which delivers some incredible acoustics (unfortunately I have no information on that) the tanks are empty and have some incredible internal structures inside – although pitch black the camera on a long exposure did the trick. There are also some drone shots to show the scale (45 tanks). Further research is the story of HMS Natal – a tragic loss of life on a huge scale – HMS Natal was sunk by an internal explosion near Cromarty on 30 December 1915 with the loss of at least 390 crewmen and civilians. Most of her wreck was slowly salvaged over the decades until the remnants were demolished in the 1970s so they were no longer a hazard to navigation. The remains of her wreck are designated as a protected place under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 as a war grave.(Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Tank Farm

  1. What a fantastic yet eerie find, Scott. Must have been like entering another dimension in time! Also makes me wonder why they haven’t been dismantled.

  2. Really liked the abstract with the patterns and various colors. Is that gorse growing around the tanks? Looks like it might bury to tanks given enough time. 😉

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