For your tomorrow, we gave our today

Please stop and remember all those across so many nations who gave the ultimate sacrifice which has provided the freedom we enjoy today.

Go forth into the world in peace
Be of good courage
Hold fast that which is good
Render to no one evil for evil
Strengthen the faint hearted
Support the weak
Help the afflicted
Honour all people
Words by John Rutter

Anonymous from a Headstone at Bayeux Cemetery

“He gave his most precious gift an unfinished life”


  1. I thought the commemorations on both the 5th and 6th were well thought out and planned….. and what a master stroke to charter Boudica. Certainly the BBC coverage gave plenty of voice to the few that are still surviving and able to tell their memories so others can both understand and learn. It put the veterans centre stage and for once not the politicians. We must never forget.

    1. We must not forget, but those generations that haven’t witnessed the damage and destruction it is so very hard to understand the impact. I worry when the veterans pass that the raw emotion could be lost.

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