Well lets break the rules, I love this simple image full of strong colour and sparse features but oh so powerful – enjoy

8 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Woo… This is such a wonderful image, Scott; I find it so ‘clean’.
    I do hope that term doesn’t diminish the quality I see. You are so right with your description – strong and powerful.

  2. A strong image…. possibly reflects he feelings I expressed in my blog yesterday. Not sure our politicians (world wide) have got the message that we have to de something positive and collectively. Cannot speak for the Scottish Government but Westminster’s reaction to any problem be it climate, social or crime is to push the problem back at the public and tax, fine , and prohibit. But if all else fails blame it all on Brexit ……. sad really if it wasn’t so serious.

    1. David, I am confident they have not – I have been passionate most of my life about environmental geography and sustainable development. I have always encouraged my family and friends and tried to lead by example. But circumstances are way beyond individuals to make a difference. Collective governmental and corporate responsibility is where we are at in global terms.

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