Lovely Old Manse


I completed a lovely shoot today of an Old Manse (Ministers House) in Aberdeenshire. Conditions were perfect although a little bright. It was completely traditional and had been modernised in a really sympathetic way. It comprises the Manse, Walled Garden and refurbished “c” Shape Steading (including original features) It will be coming to market very shortly via McEwan Fraser legal so keep your eyes peeled. Enjoy this pre market taster.


  1. Ahhh, that view of the Lighthouse is someone’s dream come true! What a lovely Manse. You do present it in such sympathetic light.

    1. Well it was a very hot high sun day so I had to use the foliage to control things. The walled garden flowers had taken a battering due to heavy rain and storms both leading up to and after the shoot. The lighthouse is one of my favourites and am dying to get out there with the drone soon. It is just off the shore and in low tide can walk right out to it.

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